Incredible Features


Enhance your customer service and manage schedule more efficiently. We provide a quick turnaround software where easily schedule, students details and booking can be managed.


24/7 available appointment

Simply by following a step-by-step booking procedure customer can easily book their preferred lesson in less than 3 minutes.  The students can book any of the lesson, package or private lesson quickly and comfortably, from any device. They can simply make the booking of their classes with or without login into their account.

Customizable Schedule Management

This part is very important as per the schedule the appointment is booked by the students. You can specify particular time frames, breaks, and days off and update your schedule anytime.

Online Scheduling Diary System

Our schedule diary system simply helps to schedule you availability and no availability of date and time. of admin and other registered customers on the diary format.



Set your Courses and Prices

Set your private, hourly or package lessons and courses you give. Add a short description, a few images along with prices, available and not available date and times.

Collect online and offline payments

We support the most popular payment gateways. We have already worked on online and offline payment options like PayPal, Authorize.Net or standard payment methods (cash, bank transfer, CC).

Instructor Login

Instructor can create informative profiles of all private lessons and courses they give. They can set the available times, duration, and can block the respective date.

Secured Admin Login

We provide secured and user friendly admin panel so that you can simply amend the changes on the required pages or schedule at any time. Admin can simply manage and assign the booking to the respective instructor.


Template Online Appointment Software

As we understand sometimes you just want a readymade template not a brand new website from scratch we have a perfect solution. With our customized driving school template website, client can simply change the prices for the lesson, change text and images, set the schedule, access the booking history, account creation of the respective student from the control panel.


Responsive and cutting edge design


Best Compatibility on all devices

With the rising popularity of mobile devices, our skilled team of developers are creating, most notably, a responsive (or increasingly mobile-first) design philosophy.  With our no zooming and easy readability, the whole content and layout adapt according to the resolution available.

We follow with the latest trend on designing the websites that includes


1 Animated Backdrops (which helps to get more attention and make the customer more engaged in the website)

2 Modular UX designs (which helps to make the website more well -structured and allow users to navigate and scroll for what they are looking)

3 Illustrative Interaction (which shows the creativity on the website due to combination of color, image and illustration and make the wow compact on the customers)

4 Adding Video Element (Google has prepared toward assorted search page results, featuring video content above normal web pages. We prioritize on video production and adding them in the websites in order to make themselves easily searchable.

5 Minimalism (The lesser the better, With the focused and less element on a website, the less customer will have to think. Designing the website in the right way, it will show the user exactly what customer is looking for.

6 Diversity: The website is always about the real and their connection. We demonstrate and craft the website in such a way that welcomes the people of different ages, gender and identities.


More Benefits


Your Booking. Your Money

Unlike other company we don’t charge our client for every booking. All our payment is one-time payment. We will not charge you for any bookings made through the websites.

Customizable at any time

Depending upon your needs and update at any point of time, we can simply customize the booking software as per your needs at any time

Booking Script

We offer a wide range of  booking script on a different platform. All this booking script can seamlessly be integrated on your existing website.

Support and Maintenance

Once the website is launch Our friendly and professional team will be stand by to make website up and running quickly and effortlessly on the server.


Not sure where to start from.

1 How the booking software is going to be integrated on my existing system.


  • It’s easy. You can simply give us your hosting login credentials where we will simply upload our appointment portal software. We will do the full testing and debugging and will hand over the website after the completion. We have built the application that is adaptable with all the old or latest platform.

2 Is the website going to be on multiple language.

  • Yes, it is going to on multilingual. We can either add the country flag that changes according to the country language or simply add the Google Translator from where customers can choose their desire country and the website content will be changes accordingly.

Let’s discuss. Contact us on ………………….   And let us know your requirement. We will be happy to assist you with your any queries or confusion.


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